Health & Safety

Please ensure you follow the instructions & safety warnings on each products. 

Wax Melts

Inspect burner for any damage, ensure clean & dry before each use.  Do not use on top of a radiator, enclosed space or near draft. 

Remove all packaging & place desired amount of wax into burner well please be aware not to over fill.  Don't not move burner when in use. 

When using tea light burners use for maximum of 4hrs at a time.

Never leave pets or children unattended with burner when in use.  


Using the freshener product on carpets & hoovering can void the warranty of your Hoover!  Please only use product if happy with accepting liability of the risk.

Always test in discreet area before use.  Keep product away from pets & children.  

Room Spray

Always test on discreet area before use & cease use if any reaction.  Keep away from polished, wooden, tiled surfaces  & delicate material. 

Keep out of the reach of children & pets.  Harmful to aquatic life with lasting effects. 

Do not eat or drink Whilst using this product.  Do not spray directly at eyes, mouth, nose or ears but in case of accidents rinse thoroughly with water & consult clinician if unwell. 

Bath Salts

Do not use if have any known allergies to the ingriendents.  

Sprinkle desired ammount of salts into running bath water & ensure salts have desolved before getting into bath.

Discontinue use of any reaction.

Scented Aroma Bags

Keep away from kids, pets & wash hands after handling.

Aroma beads are designed to stay inside bag. Do not ingest or use in burner. Keep away from plastic, varnished surfaces & delicate materials.

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