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Handmade, Cruelty Free & Vegan Deodorant Balm 70g Kraft Tube.

Our deodorant balm is formulated without the harmful ingredients found in many commercial deodorants & antiperspirants such as aluminium, parabens, synthetic colours & preservatives.  Antiperspirants contain aluminum to prevent us from sweating, but sweating is a completely natural & healthy way of cooling down & releasing toxins from the body.

Our deodarant balm therefore won't stop sweating, but will help neutralise odours, absorb sweat, & leave soft skin thanks to all the nourishing ingredients.

Candelilla Wax  This gives the stick its firm shape, nourishes & protects your underarm skin but doesn't clog pores.

Coconut Oil Antimicrobial properties & helps reduce bacteria, as well as nourishing & protecting the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil Antibacterial & powerful moisturiser.

Vitamin E Highly moisturising, antibacterial & antioxident properties.

Kaolin Clay  This gentle clay absorbs skin toxins & impurities without drying the skin.

Arrow Root Powder  This natural absorbant soaks up any moisture.

Baking Soda  Cuts through any sweat & neutralise any smells.

Mango Butter  Helps to keep the skin moisturized & soft.

Shea Butter Nourishes & protects your underarm skin but doesn't clog pores.

Cetyl Alcohol  Thickening agent, gives the deodorant a light feeling & aids easy application, as well as moisturising the skin.

Essential oils or Fragrance Oils

Zinc Oxide Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria. Soothes, protects the skin & promotes healing.

How to use:

Push up base of tube to reveal product, apply desired amount to your underarm skin.

If the product is pulling on your skin, just hold the end on your skin for a few seconds to warm up/melt before rubbing it throughout underarm area.

Please store the deodorant balm in cool place & out of direct sunlight, to avoid the product melting.

Deodorant Ingredients 


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